Lyrics to “Mizfits and Mofos”

Mizfits and Mofos Video

Morrison: Some are born to sweet delight and others born to endless night. 

Miz: Yo Cryme Tyme, you suck!
Like goin’ to the mall to buy your bling!

Morrison: The true dharma of gangster rap is woven into the wisdom of The Dirt Sheet.
Yo Dre, lay down the beat.
All you do is stutter.
It’s like which one is dumb and which one is dumba’?
Shad and JTG, you wannabes, welcome to The Dirt Sheet.
They say I’m a hottie.
The girls all want me.
They get hungry for peanut butter and Johnny.
‘Cause I’m the Shaman of Sexy.
Shad, tell your mom to stop textin’ me.
But I guess I can’t really blame her.
I’m the Honcho of Hotness.
The lady tamer.
Follow me.
Here’s a philosophy.
Shad’s girl has a face like a wallaby.
Yeah I got the sideburns and fur coats.
I think deep, but I can still hit the high notes.
When I met Jesus, I stole his halo.
’Cause no one can stop my Tae Kwon Do.
Hai Yah!
I do what I want.
That’s how I roll
You two are just a couple MoFos.
Just a couple Mofos.
Just a couple Mofos.

Miz: I’m the M-I-Z.
Grand Mizard of Lust.
Step to me son,
You’ll be bitin’ the dust.
I go parties, red carpets, celebrity A-list events.
Where’s Cryme Tyme?
Strugglin’ to pay the rent!
We J-Mo.
We Miz.
Wrestlin’s pranksta’s.
Cryme Tyme.
Wrestlin’s fakers.
Gangstas from the hood?
Not really.
I’ve farted worse things from a bowl of chili.
JTG, nobody likes your style.
You’re the new Steve Urkel.
Can I be your pal?
(Did I do that?)
Shad’s playin’ booker,
But he’s always takin’ a beatin’.
Come to LA and you’ll be killed and eaten.
Cryme Time,
You’re killin’ the business.
'Cause we all know,
You’re a bunch of MizFits.
Bunch of MizFits.

Morrison: I’m John Morrison. 

Miz: He’s supersonic.

Morrison: JTG

Miz: Needs hooked on phonics.

Miz:I’m The Miz.

Morrison: He’s got hats like Slash.

Miz: Shad reeks

Morrison: Like a pile of trash.

Both: The Dirt Sheet’s got tons of groupies.
Word Up?
Old news like Snoopy.

Morrison: The Dirt Sheet

Both: Should win an Emmy.

Morrison: Word Up

Both: Ain’t worth a penny.

Morrison: If you’re really street,
You don’t have to say so.
You two are just a couple of MoFos.
Just a couple MoFos.

Miz: You go to clubs,
But you’re never getting digits.
You two are just a bunch of MizFits.
Just a bunch of MizFits.

Morrison: Word up…
To ya mother!

Miz: We outta here.
Be jealous!

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